1-2-1 Social Media Marketing Consultancy


Book an hour with Richard Hunter, our social media director, to discuss anything and everything about your social media marketing! During the session, you can use the time to:

  • Audit your social media
  • Develop a strategy for your social marketing
  • Brainstorm campaign ideas
  • Explore social media advertising
  • Ask any questions about ideas you have, or social platforms
  • Simply discuss how things are going and what you want to achieve

At the end of the session, you will have lots of ideas, a simple strategy document, a follow up email with notes from the meeting and our SocialSidekick resources pack. You can always book in for a follow up meeting with Richard to review your progress at a later date.

Consultancy costs £40.00 per hour and can be booked Tues-Thurs between 10am and 4pm. Please use the booking system below.

Reserve your 1 hour slot: