How to use Easter for Social Media Marketing


Special offers and discounts

If you are in the food industry, or can easily find a way to relate your products to Easter, now is a great time to offer a discount to your social media followers. Not only will this drive some extra traffic to your website, it will also help to build upon your customer loyalty and improve your brand image.


Easter Social Competitions

Competitions are an eggcellent way (pardon the pun, more on that later though) of increasing your engagement over this short holiday period. Many people will have a few extra days off around the Easter weekend, and so an increased amount of time on social media is to be expected from these yolk folk. Offer a special Easter prize with a super simple way for people to enter, perhaps related to the season, and the entries will follow.

Trending Hashtags

We’ve talked about using trending hashtags multiple times before. Easter is yet another opportunity to use hashtags to your advantage. A few to look out for include: #happyeaster #easteregghunt #easterweekend #easter2018 #easteregg #easterbunny

Remember to keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram on the day to see if there’s anything new that is trending which you could get on board with spontaneously.



Easter might be one of the only times in the year that everyone seems to go pun mad. Eggcellent this, eggstraordinary that - they’re everywhere, so get on the bandwagon! Throwing a pun into your Easter social media posts is a great way to humanise your marketing message and add some personality to your brand. While it may seem silly now, showing your brand to be approachable and friendly will help you massively with your customer service reputation in the long run.


sseaster avatar.png

We spoke a little bit about changing up your branding for Valentine’s Day in this blog post. Branding is something which everyone is used to staying exactly the same, so when it is changed slightly people tend to notice! Whether you sneak a couple of Easter eggs into your logo, or completely change up your cover photo for the weekend, change can be good.

Check out what we did with our logo, we made him into an Easter bunny! 


Easter Activites

Those of you with children are likely to have seen all the Easter-related games, puzzles and activities which are available on the internet for keeping the little ones occupied through the spring holidays. So, why not make your own for the adults to have a go with, relating to your business? An example of this might be to hide some tiny egg graphics in a product lifestyle image. Again, it sounds silly, but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who can’t help but get involved. The benefit to you is increased engagement, which also means increased reach.



Author: Chloe Welch


Years and Years use Chatbots to promote new single Sanctify

As a die-hard fan of Years and Years, I was amazed to see the marketing behind their new single, Sanctify. With all the talk of Facebook news feed changes and the adoption of chatbots into social marketing, their use of this medium was innovative and exciting. 

The campaign revolved around an advert which encouraged you to engage with their account on Facebook messenger. Instantly you are propelled into an Orwellian narrative being welcomed to the "PSEN Server" claiming to represent androids and non-humans. 

   This was the first message users received.

This was the first message users received.


A sense of belonging

As the chat progresses, the story builds as Y&Y are portrayed as a "human collective" of rebels fighting against the authoritarian regime. Images of the symbol they used are sent to you along with 1984 style images and video clips. Its fun and intriguing and builds the anticipation of what is to come. 

   The underlying message of "How to treat humans" underlies a lot of the themes Y&Y explore with their music, from LGBT rights to Human rights. 

The underlying message of "How to treat humans" underlies a lot of the themes Y&Y explore with their music, from LGBT rights to Human rights. 


The day of release...

Of course, all of this leads nicely to the release date of the single and on the day of release, more messages came through, finally inviting you to listen to the music or to watch the music video. 

Screen Shot on Mar 8th at 11_46 AM (1).png

This form of marketing really resonated with me. It was fun, intriguing and quirky and I enjoyed getting the messages. Real thought and planning had gone into the campaign and it did not feel like I was being marketed to. It felt like I belonged to the human collective, or at least that I identified with it. 

I do not know who the agency was behind this, or creative, but it bravo to them. I look forward to more campaigns like this and it has certainly inspired us to think harder and more creatively about how we can use Facebook messenger and chatbots to better effect. 


Author: Richard Hunter

How are you using chatbots? How do you plan to use them? What did you think to this campaign? Let us know in the comments below 👇

We are now a recommended Social Media Agency!

We are excited to announce that we have just become recommended on the Recommended Agency Register. This involves clients recommending us on the RAR website for work that we have carried out or are currently carrying out. Clients are asked to rate us and leave a comment about our work.  It is a lovely feeling to have had so many recommendations from our lovely clients - it makes everything we do extremely worthwhile. 

From all of us at SocialSidekick we would like to thank all of our clients for working with us and for your continued usage of our service - what a way to start 2018!



Dust off your social media platforms - Time for a Spring clean!

Over the holidays, I can guarantee that your social media marketing consisted of 3 things: a happy holidays post, a dry sales post and - maybe - a forced happy picture of you with your colleagues, right?

Social Media Marketing

It’s time for things to change, we’re 23 days into the new year and if those things are still lingering on your account, you are giving the wrong impression. Creating fresh content, finding excellent free images and regularly updating your profiles will give your socials a good spring clean. But hiring a social media agency will give you the best spring clean you have ever had.

From content creation to lead generation, Social Sidekick will provide you with the best social media packages that will work for you. We will strip back the cobwebs and clean the clutter to help you find a clear message that fits seamlessly with your brand values.

Social Media Agency

Our services provide you with regular high-quality posts that will improve both your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMO (Social Media Optimisation) rankings. We do this through:

  • Scheduling tweets/posts for evenings and weekends so you don’t miss out on peak times for traffic.
  • Creating fun posts that reflect your business e.g. including emojis and photos of your team.
  • Using both negative and positive feedback to your business' advantage - it’s a chance to let your business shine!

There are so many other tricks that we use to boost your social media marketing, you can find some of them on our blog. Every day, our strong, young and vibrant team are working hard to make sure your social media marketing excels, builds an audience and brings your company sales.

Social Media Success

Your search for a perfect social sidekick is over! You can trust us to be the friendly & flexible social media management agency you’ve always dreamed of.

Top Tips from the Social Sidekick Team

The Social Sidekick team have put together their top tips for social media marketing to help you improve your campaigns! Whether you are a Marketing Manager looking for new ideas, or a start up business owner using social media for the first time, the top ideas and tips from our Account Managers are sure to help you increase impressions and engagement…


1. Use negative and positive feedback to your advantage - it’s a chance to let your excellent customer service shine!
2. For B2C businesses, schedule tweets/posts for evenings and weekends so you don’t miss out on peak times for traffic.
3. Share ‘personal’ updates about the business, e.g a charity day, an employee's birthday cake etc.. It makes the business seem more human and approachable.


1. Use hashtags to get your posts noticed, but don’t over do it. Carefully pick which hashtag will have the most impact in your content.
2. Keep on top of your comments and messages. It doesn’t look great if your business is unresponsive to customer queries online. 
3. Look into what hashtags are popular that day and get involved, this will expose your business to a larger audience and make you look on trend!


1. Interact with users on social media: retweeting, liking, adding people to lists and mentioning users. This will encourage people to engage you with too!
2. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing: how often they post, what their popular posts are, what time they're posting etc so you are always a step ahead.
3. Use images and videos to create more visual content that will capture your audience’s attention.


1. Republish old content. If something was successful in the past, there’s no reason not to shout about it again! 
2. Build relationships with influencers in your industry who are likely to shout about you on social media.
3. Create fun posts that reflect your business e.g. including emojis and photos of your team.


1. Use the right platform for your target audience. Research into which platforms your customers are likely to be using so you don’t waste your time posting to the wrong places.
2. Don’t be too aggressive with the amount you post - focus on quality not quantity. As long as your posts are consistent, once a day is plenty!
3. Engage with your audience and share their content - they might just do the same for you.

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How to Create a Simple Social Media Strategy for your Business

(Updated on 27th February 2018)

Social Media can sometimes be a minefield of hashtags, mentions, and gifs that can be hard to decipher.

A Social Media Strategy will help you to navigate how you will manage your accounts positively and professionally. We are giving you the perfect tips for strategic success.

What is a strategy?

A Social Media Strategy is a document that you share with your team to make them aware of how to approach your Social Media accounts. This will also be inline with your brand value and will help you to create a content calendar. (For definitions, check out our Social Media Decoded glossary) Here are the best three steps for creating a simple social media strategy:

  1. Set clear goals & objectives 
  2. Figuring out strategies to meet those objectives
  3. Extrapolating your strategies into bite-size tactics that can be implemented to reach your ultimate goal

Goals & Objectives

This section will not be about the wonders of chess. However, when you approach chess in a logical way with room for flexibility, you are most likely to win. It is the same with social media. When you have a logical plan with room for flexibility, you are likely to succeed

When starting with your strategy, it would be advisable to sit down with your team and brainstorm the following areas:

  • What do you want to achieve? 
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why are they your target audience?
  • Why do you want to advertise to them?
  • What Platforms do you plan to use?
  • What tone do you want to have?

The list of questions you could ask yourselves about your business could go on for a while but we feel these questions will get the best responses. It may even be advisable to do a short questionnaire asking members of your staff how they perceive the business. 

Your objectives may end up looking like the following:

  • Increase traffic to social media
  • Increase brand awareness through social media
  • Sell more products through the website as a result of social media traffic

This initial stage of the strategy could be better questioned as, "What are the long-term goals for your business on social media?" Once you can answer this in detail, you are ready to move onto the next step.


End goal strategy

Using the right platforms for your brand could actually be crucial to your success, take a look at our Top Tips for Managing your own Social Media to assist you in your strategy writing.

Going deeper into how you will actually manage your accounts involves considering:

  • How many posts would go up each week
  • Who will be responsible for posting
  • Analysing where your social media stats are and how you would like them to grow on a monthly basis
  • Monthly themes
  • How your posts would be structured 

It would also be worth reading through our Social Media Do's and Don'ts when tackling this task. It will give you some insight into how your final product should (and shouldn't) look.

Here's a short example of what part of your strategy should look like:

  • At least 150 new followers on Twitter per month
  • At least 60 page likes per month
  • An engagement rate of at least 1.5% on Twitter

Once you have a strategy like this for your different social media platforms, it will make it easier to formulate tactics to reach your end goal.

Be Tactical

You have your objectives, you have your strategies and now it is time to get tactical. Having precise tactics can really help streamline your focus when putting together posts. 

Useful tactics to come up with:

  • Post structure e.g. Persuasive text - relevant #hashtag - link to website - engaging rich media
  • Individual tactics for each platform you are using
  • Hashtags you should use

 Once this is done correctly, you should have something that looks like this on twitter:

Twitter tactics:

  • Tweeting content to promote (Your business), linking directly to your website
  • Using events, seasons, trends to promote your (business)
  • Using hashtags such as *** to increase the reach of tweets
  • Retweeting relevant tweets to do with (your business)
  • Posting relevant third-party content from the internet 
  • Engaging with users who are discussing relevant topics on Twitter 
  • Use trending hashtags whenever relevant and possible 
  • There will be (your chosen amount) tweets posted every week

Structuring your tactics like this gives clear instructions of what to do and should be accessible to all using your social media, whether that is your staff or your social media agency.

Social Media Strategy Right direction

With everyone who signs up to Social Sidekick, we provide them with a Social Media Strategy that fully explains how we will manage their accounts. Give us a call today on 0333 6666 193 to find out how we could help you take the next step. 

Top Tips on Managing Social Media for your Business

Using Social media for business has become increasingly more important.

Updating your profile, letting everyone know about your latest product or service whilst still trying to sound positive can be a tall order. Especially when you are doing it on multiple accounts on your own. There are many pros and cons of doing it all yourself but we will be discussing ways in which you can manage it all effectively.

Get Planning

[This sounds more of a challenge than it will be]

Planning your social media posts could be as simple as jotting down some ideas about what you think would look great on your social media. But, it is a little bit deeper than that. When you go onto your preferred social media account, you need to check your analytics and demographics of your Social Media platforms or website - if you're just starting with Social Media.

 A simple definition from

A simple definition from

 A simple definition from

A simple definition from

By checking both your demographics and analytics you can determine who your clientele are, when they respond best to your content and which content they respond best to. This is the foundation of your planning. Once you know who your audience is or who you would like them to be, you should aim to target them. This will inform decisions such as the language you use, which world topics you engage in and which Social Media platforms you use.

We strongly recommend that you have a Facebook page. With over 1.28 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a great platform to start on for businesses. This has a great interface for viewing your daily, weekly and monthly analytics and is fairly easy to navigate. We also strongly recommend that you have a Twitter account. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn't publicly publish how many active users that they have. However, we know that within the first quarter of this year, they had 328 million monthly users and this number is on the rise. 

If you fall into the following categories, we suggest that Linkedin may be a positive choice for you:

  • B2B enterprises
  • Publishers
  • Writers
  • Recruiters
  • Freelancers and the list goes on

Linkedin is the platform for more professional interaction and you are least likely to get any nonsense. This is also one of the platforms that growth can be the most difficult on but if your business wants to work with other businesses, this might be the one for you.

If your brand is more visual, we suggest that you also use Instagram, Pinterest or even Snapchat to engage with customers, businesses we have seen this work best with are:

  • Design brands
  • Food suppliers
  • Clothing designers
  • Gift creators and the list goes on

Choosing the right platforms could actually be what is standing between you and the clientele you need. We also recommend that you start with a maximum on three platforms and build it up once you understand how to navigate it.

What's the Hoot about?

If you are interested in bettering your Social Media presence, you have most likely heard of Hootsuite. But what's the real hoot about?

Hootsuite is a Social Media Management system that makes it easier for you to monitor multiple accounts in one place. Hootsuite is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other platforms. Instagram is compatible with Hootsuite however you still need to manually post it from the Instagram app

This can make your Social Media campaigns easier to manage. You can set them up in advance and this also gives you a bit more time to focus on what you're best at, your job.

It's all set up, now what?

Your accounts are set up, your Hootsuite is connected. What next?

Before you start posting anything, make sure you read our Social Media Do's and Don'ts and better yet, download the infographic! Once you have an understanding of what not to do, you can progress to actually writing effective and engaging posts. 

Firstly, you need to make sure that your content and your visuals work together to create something engaging. We recommend using text and visuals together as this creates more engagement. A way to get even more engagement is to stay clear of generic stock photos but try your best to use rich media. Rich media includes pictures, videos, gifs, live video & infographics.

Secondly, make sure your content is updated regularly. This doesn't mean posting every second of every day but this means being consistent. A good target is for about 5-7 posts a week. This will also keep your content relevant.

Thirdly, get personal. Closely engaging with active followers and contact can be a good way of attracting others to come and like your page and ultimately make a purchase. Using Social Media in this way helps to promote good customer service.

Lastly, try to stay up to date with current affairs that will link to your brand. Before tackling this, make sure you have read our Do's & Don'ts and make sure you remain focused on what your brand represents. 

giphy (1).gif
We hope that this has helped you make the step to set up your Social Media accounts. If this still confuses you but you know that Social Media is the next step for you, contact us. Here at Social Sidekick, we have 3 amazing packages to help you reach Social Media Success. Either check out our packages or give us a call on 0333 6666 193 to find out more about Social Media Management and talk to our friendly staff.