The Final Social Byte of 2017


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The "New Rules" of Twitter, How Facebook could be affecting your mental health and Social Media trends that will be big in 2018 are all covered in this week's Social Byte.

Net neutrality and how it affects you? 

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality has been in the news a lot lately as this would affect everything we do online, what websites you have access to, what videos you can watch, what ads get served to you etc. BBC News gives brilliant examples of how Net Neutrality will affect you. This will mainly affect the US, however, if you are trading in the US or worldwide this also could affect you. 

After watching the video above, we hope that you will be more informed about Net Neutrality and how it will affect you and your business. Unfortunately, we live in a world where money speaks loudly, so if you don't have the money to give to the ISP companies, it will make it very difficult for your company to be noticed. 

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This is a major concern for all companies that use the online space. We are strongly against this move to repeal Net Neutrality as it will affect so many businesses and consumers. What do you think about this potential change?

The "New Rules" of Twitter

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Twitter has finally announced that its latest initiative is to crack down on trolls and abuse is in full effect! Like the 2017 hit "New Rules" by Dua Lipa, these are some rules that Twitter will be telling to themselves.

Today, we will start enforcing updates to the Twitter Rules announced last month to reduce hateful and abusive content on Twitter. Through our policy development process, we’ve taken a collaborative approach to develop and implement these changes, including working in close coordination with experts on our Trust and Safety Council.
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The main changes include penalising and detecting accounts that promote or glorify violence or groups affiliated with violent acts against other people, that post hateful or sensitive media or accounts that have threatening information in their profile and bio. Whilst these have been monitored and accounts have been deactivated, this has affected businesses that were built on posting sensitive, X-rated or abusive content that would have once been available to young children without any restriction.

Twitter also has addressed most of the complaints that it has been receiving which have made the 330 million monthly users very happy. Over the past 18 months, the following things have been addressed:

  1. A new automated ‘Quality Filter’ has been added which helps detect and eliminate questionable tweets from your timeline, including threats and offensive or abusive language.
  2. An expanded mute option, which enables users to block out any words, phrases, hashtags, @handles and emojis that they don't want to see.
  3. New restrictions on offending accounts, including 12-hour bans where your tweet reach is limited.
  4. New processes to restrict the creation of abusive accounts and a presentation tool which collapses potentially abusive tweets to reduce their exposure.
  5. An update to the default egg avatar to encourage users to upload a real photo.
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This may not address every single complaint, however, these changes have impacted how Twitter is viewed. Twitter's move to make the platform a safer and friendly place has been welcomed by many and we look forward to seeing what the platform do in regard to safety.

Facebook joins the debate on the impact of Social Media on Mental Health

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It's no mystery that there is a strong link between Social Media and Mental Health as discussed in our last Social Byte, but Facebook's former vice president, Chamath Palihapitiya, shared his concerns with an audience at Stanford Graduate School of Business last month. 

As you can see, his comments are not the most flattering about social media but he highlights the important issue of how it is affecting how we interact with people. As humans, we are social beings and, seemingly, social media is taking away the social aspect and making us more insular and anti-social. This has been a growing concern of parents with children in the Generation Z bracket. Being born in this day and age automatically means you have an understanding of social media and what it is. Our children are being constantly bombarded by falsified facts, images of photoshopped perfection and distorted happiness in the same way that we are. This is an issue!

The best way to counteract this is to give yourself time away from social media and to spend time with people that you love especially at this time of year. 

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Social Media trends to look out for in 2018

Not that we're psychic or anything, but social media in 2018 is going to be absolutely incredible. 

Video is still set to be the hot marketing tool which is brilliant news for all those who enjoy creating video content on Youtube. The use of influencers on Youtube, blogs and Instagram for big business is going to continue to skyrocket. It is advisable that if you want you brand to be relevant to the young people of today, investing in a young influencer with a smaller following (2,500 - 10,000 followers/subscribers) could be highly lucrative. 

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Don't be afraid of influencer marketing, the numbers actually show that it is an investment that is completely worthwhile when you're working with Generation Z. Here are the stats:

  1. 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions more than “regular” celebrities
  2. 86% of women turn to social media before making a purchase
  3. 32% of US-based influencers say Facebook is the best platform while 24% think Instagram is the best
  4. 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a reference from social media

If you haven't already, 2018 should be your year to maximise on your social media. Better yet, getting a social media marketing company on board can really upgrade your social media presence in the new year. Check out our packages for social media success. 

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Another trend to look out for in 2018 are ads that tell stories. Yes, we have all seen a car advert that tells an elaborate story about how that care came to be but how could you create something like this? Searching for local graphic designers, photographers and videographers would be another great investment and it will really help your business to stand out in the best possible way.

That is it for this Social Byte and we'll be reporting back in the new year with more Social Media news. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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