Top 3 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Looking to take your social media efforts that step further? Here are Chloe's top three tips for gaining more engagement from your target audience!

Import your customer data to Facebook

If you are an ecommerce business you seriously need to take advantage of all the features within Facebook Adverts Manager, in particular the ability to import your customer data. Facebook matches the emails in your data to Facebook profiles. You can then set up a page likes campaign to be delivered to the matched accounts of people who have purchased from you before, encouraging them to like your page and make a repeat purchase! This allows you to perfectly blend your social media marketing efforts with your website and sales.

Post photos from your office

Content that always does well on social media is posts about your team. Whether you’ve won an award, welcomed a new member of staff or been to an event, be sure to update your followers with info about what your employees are getting up to! Putting a face to a name makes your brand appear more personal and approachable, while helping to improve your customer service. If you’re feeling brave, perhaps give Facebook Live a go. We discussed all the benefits in a blog which you can read here.

Emoji polls on Facebook

Twitter polls can be a great way to engage your followers. If you have a bigger following over on Facebook, create an emoji poll by giving the different answers to a question a specific emoji from the like button options and watch your engagement soar! This is great for ecommerce businesses looking to do market research into their audience’s favourite products whilst also allowing their brand awareness and website traffic to increase.

If you think these ideas sound great but don’t have the time to implement them yourself, give Chloe a call on 0333 666 193 to discuss how Social Sidekick can help your business with social media marketing.