Pros & Cons of Managing your own Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly important part of a business’s marketing strategy but deciding whether to do this yourself or employ the help of experienced professionals, such as a social media management agency, can be a difficult decision to make.

No one knows your business better than you and your employees! Staff posting to social media from within your business will know intricate details, features and benefits of your products and are likely to be much more aware of latest company news, updates and announcements. Staff will also have better accessibility to images and content. However, finding staff to take control of this is where the problems arise. Understandably, time that you pay your employees for is very valuable, you need to consider whether you can afford to lose some of their time to social media management. With this also comes the regularity of posts. In order for social media marketing to be successful, posts need to be frequent and presence across the platforms needs to be strong - if the member of staff dedicated to social media management goes on holiday for two weeks, will there be a replacement or are your accounts likely to be abandoned? If the latter sounds more realistic, this temporary absence can be damaging to the growth of your accounts and creates a negative image for your business.

A social media management agency has dedicated time to your accounts for posting professional, accurate content specific to your business objectives and target audience so you can rest assured that your accounts won’t be forgotten about. Despite not knowing every single detail about your business, if you pick the right social media management agency, account managers do in depth research in order to be as accurate as possible when representing your company online - plus if there is good communication between you and your social media account manager there shouldn’t be a problem. As well as this, social media management agencies have years of experience working on business’s accounts from a variety of industries - they know what they are doing! They have more knowledge on what to post and when to post it, what content to publish to which social media platform and how to communicate with past and potential customers to influence the most enquiries or sales.

Obviously, the main downside to having your accounts managed externally by a social media management agency is the cost. However, the vast selection of agencies out there means there will definitely be a business with a system and price that suits your requirements. The right agency’s services will prove to be invaluable if they make social media marketing a success for your business, leading to a boost in brand awareness and increase in sales - providing a high return on investment.

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