Meet the Sidekicks: Nicole

My name is Nicole Faulkner and I’m 19 years old. I joined Social Sidekick in December 2016 as an apprentice, and I’m really proud to be a part of the Social Sidekick team.

My favourite social media network would be Instagram because I love the visual aspect of it. The features of Instagram are really easy and straightforward to use - I probably use Instagram the most. I’ve always had a passion for art and photography. During each year I always try and visit at least two art museums or exhibitions as I love looking at other artist's work and seeing what they have to offer. My most recent personal accomplishment would be successfully designing my friends tattoo, as well as being asked to design another one! Photography is another big aspect of my life, I often find inspiration in architecture, the countryside and nature - which is why I enjoy visiting new places and going on walks. I’ve recently fallen in love with going to concerts, the atmosphere is amazing and the music is incredible to listen to live. I’m planning on going to more concerts this year and hopefully the next.

I wouldn’t say I dislike many things but one thing I really don’t like is confined spaces! The idea of being trapped in a small space with no escape would be my ultimate nightmare. Also, I can’t stand spiders! I can be quite a fussy eater but it’s definitely something I’d like to improve, I always aim to push myself and try new foods to step out of my comfort zone.