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Instagram's stance on Cyberbullying, The National Lottery's Social Media Fail and simplified Social Media Terms and Conditions are all covered in this week's Social Byte.


Instagram declares its stance on Cyber-Bullying

Following on from the last Social Byte, bullying is common on social media, especially on Instagram. However, this problem is elevated for girls. Opinium conducted a survey for Plan International UK to show the disparity between boys and girls and their online interactions. Half of all girls in the UK have felt vulnerable online in comparison to 1 in 3 boys. 

Natasha Devon, the writer, campaigner and former mental health champion for schools, said:

There is a reason why girls report higher levels of dissatisfaction after using social media. It’s partly to do with what people who fall at the feminine end of the gender spectrum tend to seek online, ie validation and approval, and partly because social media is a much more hostile and aggressive place if you are a woman. There is a cumulative concentrated effort to silence the female voice.
— Natasha Devon

In light of reports like this, Instagram started a campaign called #KindComments on 26th September. This marked the start of Instagram's new tools to combat cyber-bullying. Keyword filters have been introduced to avoid hateful, racially or sexually offensive slurs being found on Instagram.

Artificial Intelligence has also been introduced to reduce human error in the hope that this will reduce online bullying. It is now possible to block whole groups of people. This not only will help girls but it will help us all. Businesses should be better protected against offensive language appearing on their pages and users can roam without the fear of being bombarded with hateful comments. 


Facebook Canvas brings your brands to life

With the rise in creative advertising, Facebook have created new advertisement platforms that are now widely available to the public and not just to elite clientele. Facebook Canvas is a scrollable visual advertisement which can involve pictures, text, video and buttons to take you to links.

This is a highly immersive way to advertise which would work for more visual businesses. We would strongly suggest that if you are looking to attempt Facebook Canvas, have a good graphic designer on hand to help it look perfect. This will also be available on Instagram stories shortly. Just watch this space!

Don't be part of the social media fails squad

Earlier this year, The national lottery did a campaign with the British Athletics team. Twitter users were asked to retweet a post from @TNLUK with the hashtag #Represent. Those doing so would receive a thank you tweet, including their Twitter account name being held up on a sign by one of the stars of the British Athletics team.

This was vastly abused with messages like the above, "Brexit Mean Brexit," and other offensive and controversial posts involving Madeline McCann and Jimmy Saville. Fails like this have happened repeatedly over this year with Walkers, Mcdonald's and CNN which varied from typos to posting pictures of criminals.

To avoid being part of this Fails Squad, get Social Media Management! Our dedicated team work to make sure your company looks its best online and we make sure you do not end up in this squad. For more about our Social Media Management Packages, Click Here

Do you really read the Terms and Conditions?

When faced with the terms and conditions page, do you really sit down and read the seemingly endless pages of jargon? Probably not. Just take the Instagram T&C's for example:

INstagram tc.png

This is only one section of their terms and conditions. We do not blame you if you simply glanced at this image as many people do the same, especially young people. The Children's Commissioner has written simplified jargon-free terms of service for each social media platform. Not only is this helpful for young people, this will also help us all. With about 700 words in each terms of service, it is a simple read and actually highlights some things that we have signed up without completely knowing.

For example, if you share your snaps with a live or public group, Snapchat can use your content for anything whether you agree with it or not. Similarly, Instagram has access to all private messages meaning that they can sell your information without you know. Once you are completely aware of these terms, you can make sure that your personal and business profiles stay safe.

insta polling.jpg

Instagrams new business tools

With the new updates, Instagram have brought new business tools that we all need to be using. Stories, after recently celebrating their first birthday, have added a new feature where you can add polling stickers to your stories. This means you can directly find out your consumers opinions on a product, event or service. When they vote on the poll, you will be notified to exactly who they are. This is lucrative information to know when you are looking to do advertisement campaign as your decisions will be influenced by the data you have collected during the poll. As with anything on Instagram Stories, this lasts for 24 hours. 

Alongside this, Instagram has also added an eyedropper tool that allows you to take colours from your pictures to use on text and brushes, an alignment tool (which is limited to iOS for now) that should help make sure text and stickers are properly centred on your pictures has also been introduced. All you have to do is update the app and you are free to use these Instagram Marketing tools.

mashable 2.jpg

Linkedin tries its hand at geo-filters

Once again, another social platform is trying to take on Snapchat. Linkedin thinks it has cracked the geo-filter for business events and conferences. They have had the opportunity to trial this at a few different corporate events and notably this week's Grace Hopper Celebration. Linkedin began to roll this out in August along with their campaign for users to upload video content

The fun feature originally shown by Snapchat has had a corporate makeover and has allowed the business platform to gain more engagement. Videos like this promote brand recall, improves SEO and is an inexpensive way to increase ROI.  In prior blogs, we have discussed how valuable video marketing can be and it seems like Linkedin have finally agreed with us and other industry professionals. We look forward to seeing how this will grow for Linkedin. 

That is it for this Social Byte and we'll be reporting back in two weeks with more Social Media news.