Best Practices for Facebook Marketing

New to Facebook for business, or not getting the results you'd hoped for? Take a look through our best practices for Facebook marketing and enhance your campaign now.

Post regularly and consistently - but not too much! Facebook algorithms mean it is unlikely every post you publish will be viewed by every single person who likes or follows your page, however, posting too often will get annoying and people may begin to ‘hide’ your posts from their news feed! Creating one or two high quality posts per day, with a strong image and website link, is a much more effective approach.

Post to other pages. Get your business’s name out into communities who are likely to be interested in your product or service by posting to relevant pages. Whether you post to a local community page to drive visitors to your physical shop or post to pages of brands you sell on your website; say hello to a new audience!


Make the ‘About’ section as detailed as possible. Ensure your address, opening times, website, email address, telephone number etc. are all filled in so any visitors to your page can find out anything they may need to know. Keeping all your information up to date will prevent people clicking off the page or giving up when they don’t get the answer they were looking for.

Respond to messages quickly. Replying to every message as quickly as possible will earn your page the impressive “Very responsive to messages” green badge. To get this badge your page needs a response rate of 90% and a response time of 15 minutes, over the last 7 days. This badge will show visitors to your page you’re active and ready to respond to any queries they may have, making them much more likely to contact you.

Post rich media content. It’s all about standing out! Attractive images, gifs and videos will grab your audience's attention while they are scrolling through their newsfeed, as they are obviously much more interesting compared to a bulk of text! As the old saying goes, “a picture is a worth a thousand words.”

Strong branding. Your logo and cover photo are your chance to make a good first impression and deliver a message about your company and what it provides. Don’t waste it! Avoid poor quality images, boring graphics and low impact text.

Adverts. The best and quickest way to grow your new Facebook page’s following is through a page likes c ampaign, which will be delivered to the news feed’s of those who match your highly targeted demographics. You can also ‘boost’ posts to increase reach and engagement, promote your website through a link clicks campaign and much more! Need some help? We offer Facebook Advertising management within our packages and as an additional service.

Don’t have the time? Put your business’s Facebook page in safe hands. We have three different packages to cover your social media marketing needs, and are ready to help you plan the perfect campaign. Call us on 0333 6666 193 or contact us here.