Dust off your social media platforms - Time for a Spring clean!

Over the holidays, I can guarantee that your social media marketing consisted of 3 things: a happy holidays post, a dry sales post and - maybe - a forced happy picture of you with your colleagues, right?

Social Media Marketing

It’s time for things to change, we’re 23 days into the new year and if those things are still lingering on your account, you are giving the wrong impression. Creating fresh content, finding excellent free images and regularly updating your profiles will give your socials a good spring clean. But hiring a social media agency will give you the best spring clean you have ever had.

From content creation to lead generation, Social Sidekick will provide you with the best social media packages that will work for you. We will strip back the cobwebs and clean the clutter to help you find a clear message that fits seamlessly with your brand values.

Social Media Agency

Our services provide you with regular high-quality posts that will improve both your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMO (Social Media Optimisation) rankings. We do this through:

  • Scheduling tweets/posts for evenings and weekends so you don’t miss out on peak times for traffic.
  • Creating fun posts that reflect your business e.g. including emojis and photos of your team.
  • Using both negative and positive feedback to your business' advantage - it’s a chance to let your business shine!

There are so many other tricks that we use to boost your social media marketing, you can find some of them on our blog. Every day, our strong, young and vibrant team are working hard to make sure your social media marketing excels, builds an audience and brings your company sales.

Social Media Success

Your search for a perfect social sidekick is over! You can trust us to be the friendly & flexible social media management agency you’ve always dreamed of.