How to use Valentine’s Day for Social Media Marketing

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away (yes, already!) If you’ve forgotten to buy your partner a gift, I’m afraid you’re on your own. But, if you’ve forgotten to tie this popular event into your social media marketing plan, we have some last-minute ideas which you can implement now.

Trending Hashtags

We all know using hashtags is imperative on social media if you want your content to reach your target audience. And while you may be familiar with hashtagging words which are appropriate to your industry or product, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone for Valentine’s Day. Include some of the most popular Valentine’s hashtags listed below and open up your social media profiles to a new audience. Be sure to also check trending hashtags on the big day, as new tags are likely to appear. Find more popular hashtags for Twitter here.

(Remember to exclude the apostrophe from ‘Valentine’s’ when writing a hashtag as this will break up the tag and damage your reach)

Valentine's Day Hashtags.png

Gifs and Videos

Including rich media in your social media content is guaranteed to engage your audience far more than plain, old text. Have a browse of GIPHY, perhaps search for an iconic romance film, and see what fun gifs you can find which are sure to attract your audience’s eye.


Share the love with special offers

If you are selling a product or service, Valentine’s Day could be an ideal time to boost promotion with a special offer. The January blues have been shaken, and Valentine’s Day and the first blossoms of Spring are lifting spirits. Providing a special offer could be enough to convert prospects into customers. 

Check out our Valentine’s Day special offer for inspiration, and be sure to get in touch if you’d like to take advantage yourself.

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Host a social media competition

Everyone loves a freebie, and what better time than Valentine’s Day to give your lovely followers the chance to win a prize! There are plenty of ways you can incorporate Valentine’s Day into the entry requirements for your competition - we have listed just some of our favourites below, but if you need some more help with setting up a social media competition, give us a call!

Valentine's Day Hashtags (1).png

Temporary Valentine’s Day Branding

Create a new theme for your Valentine’s Day posts, incorporating the typical colours and imagery you would associate with this event. This new branding can be a temporary take on your current branding, e.g. if your logo is normally blue text, change it to pink for the Valentine’s week.

When you think of Valentine’s Day, or when you walk down the seasonal aisle of your local supermarket in February, the colours you will notice most are red and pink. The great thing for marketers is that these colours evoke positive feelings of desire, calm, love and affection, which can help sell your products. 

You may want to consider changing your social media cover photos temporarily with a Valentine’s themed image or graphic. Incorporate the same theme into your social media posts and the images you use for any special offers and competitions. 

You can follow us on Twitter  here .

You can follow us on Twitter here.

Facebook Advertising

If you are selling a product or service which may appeal to couples, or are just looking to open up into a new market, Valentine’s Day could be a great time to do so. Facebook advertising offers many demographics based around people’s relationship status and activity. For example, you can target people who are ‘newly engaged’ or ‘newlywed’ as well as ‘friends of newlywed’.

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Start a conversation

If you don’t have time for any of the above ideas, but still want to be involved then simply start a conversation with your followers. Everyone loves to share their thoughts and opinions on social media, and it takes 2 minutes to post a question or idea to your profile. 

You could share recipe ideas for people staying in, or show the love for local restaurants and bars in your area by sharing their social media content relating to Valentine’s Day. Ask your followers a love themed question, post DIY gift ideas for those who forgot, or involve those who are spending Valentine’s alone and ask what they are up to!

However you decide to use Valentine’s Day on your social media profiles, Social Sidekick are here to help you in anyway we can, whether that’s managing your FB ad, or designing a new cover photo. Remember to take advantage of our Valentine’s offer - it ends on the 20th of Feb 2018!