Safer Internet Day 2019: #OurInternetOurChoice

As well as being Chinese New Year (happy year of the Pig to all who are celebrating), today is also Safer Internet Day.

It’s a day that is very important to us in the social media industry because, as an industry, we should always be striving to make what we do safer for generations to come. We want to help to boost the national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

Even though this day is aimed at children, it is also important for adults to be just as (if not more) knowledgeable about what the dangers are online. Why not try the Safer Internet Day Quiz to see if you know as much as your kids do about the internet.

Internet safety is important, more now than ever. We have come up with tips to help anyone with their online safety.


Keep it locked!

From locks on your phones and your computers, your first line of defence if anything happens to your devices is your password. Basic passwords like “123456” and “ABCDEFG” really cannot cut it anymore. Using tools like Secure Password Generator can help you to keep things secure. It’s so easy, even your kids can use this and it can really benefit your business as well. If you can, we would also suggest changing your passwords every 12-18 months. This can also help you to maintain your online safety.

Also, investing in computer security software can also help you to avoid viruses. Most security software companies like ESET and McAfee have mobile apps as well.


Kill ‘Em With Kindness

With both business and personal profiles, you can THINK before you post.



This year’s hashtag for Safer Internet Day is #OurInternetOurChoice, it is time that we choose to be kinder online. Did you know that being kinder online increases your online safety as it decreases that chance of malicious people wanting to attack your emotions, privacy or mental health.

If you’re a business, you can use different social media days to show your support for the communities around you. If you are just using your personal profile, avoid getting involved in hateful conversations and work to be helpful and kind towards others.

This online safety issue is not one that is just limited to children, it affects us all. No matter who you are, make the conscious choice to be better.

Keep a lookout!

The internet is an amazing thing but it also has its drawbacks. Use it to the best of your knowledge to keep ahead of the scams that may be floating around the internet. There are countless stories of people receiving emails with dodgy looking URLs that have been hacked. It is actually possible to stay ahead of these hacks by staying informed. This is also something that you can show your kids how to do as well. A simple rule of thumb is: If it looks odd, don’t click the link!

It is also useful to ask professionals within the industry. Social Media agencies, like us here at SocialSidekick, usually know what to avoid online so never be afraid to ask us and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you have a happy Safer Internet Day!