5 tips for engaging social media posts

While your goal from social media may be to increase sales, sales orientated content isn’t all you should be posting to your social media accounts. How many times have you clicked off a dull email that is clearly just trying to sell you something? How many times have you hung up on cold callers? I’m guessing a lot.

The same applies to social media. If you are constantly churning out promotional posts that offer nothing of interest to your audience, at the very least they won't engage with your post, but at the very worst they are highly likely to unfollow your page and then they won’t see any of your content. So, what should you be doing?

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Engaging posts! Provide your audience with added value content that inspires a reaction, encourages them to share with their friends, and builds their connection with your brand. If you achieve that, you are a big step closer to them clicking on your sales posts and becoming a customer. 

The challenge here is coming up with these engaging posts. If your idea bank is running on empty, and you’ve exhausted all the news sites for your industry, take a look at our golden rules for creating engaging content...

Seek inspiration from the big brands in your industry

If you are a small business it will benefit you to look to your big competitors for inspiration. We obviously don’t mean create exact copies of their big ideas, that kind of approach will land you in hot water. Take a look at their social media pages, and analyse the type of content they are sharing and what works well with their audience. It may also benefit you to look outside of your industry, at some of the biggest brands in the country (think major retailers, supermarkets, magazines.)

Think outside the box

A brand which does this really well is Innocent Smoothies. If you’ve ever scrolled their social media feeds you’ll likely have had a good chuckle at their genius posts, and have immediately followed their page so you never missed a post. This offers a great example of how you too could think outside the box and push the boundaries a little. Give your brand a personality (and a sense of humour) and connect with the audience on a new level. 

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Less is more

Lengthy social media posts which use more words than necessary with excessive detail are likely to switch your audience off. This article from Buffer actually reports that the optimal length for a Facebook post is just 40 characters, with posts of this length generating far more engagement. In this age, we are constantly battling with distractions, so shorter social media posts will grab your audience’s attention quickly and provoke a response before they have the chance to get bored or distracted by something else/a notification on their phone. 

It is also worth noting that images play a huge part in how engaging your post is. After all, pictures speak a thousand words! As well as this, links aren’t always necessary, there’s no need to put your website on every single social media post when you aren’t talking directly about your business. If people want to know more they will click through to your profile which will offer a link to your website.

Write for the moment

If you post content on the day you are in a great position to pick up on what is trending and popular at that moment. Writing for these topics will increase your reach and number of engagements. If you are scheduling in advance, it is beneficial to look ahead at national day calendars to see what may be trending on the day, and schedule content relating to this, using the appropriate hashtags. 

As well as national days, simply writing content for the day of the week which your audience will relate to, is much more likely to encourage a response and engagement. For example, Friday feeling, relaxing Sundays, Monday motivation, Saturday night plans...

It is also a good idea to look ahead at the weather forecast. Everyone knows us Brits love to talk about the weather, so what better way to get your audience talking than to mention their favorite topic?! 

What would you engage with?

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Take it back to basics and think about what YOU engage with. When you’re scrolling your social media feeds, what type of content catches your eye? What type of content are you likely to like or tag your friends in? What content do you WANT to see in your feed?

Now apply this to your audience. What is your target audience likely to want to see? It may be similar to your own interests. Write for the audience, and you are much more likely to engage them.

Bonus Top Tip!
Sometimes even the most engaging posts need a bit of a boost to get the engagement going! For best results, we highly recommend boosting high performing Facebook posts for engagement, this will expose your post to a wider audience for a relatively small budget. Paid engagement will lead to organic engagement which, given the right content, can soon snowball!


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Author: Chloe Welch