SocialSidekick Training Guide

Welcome to SocialSidekick. We are really happy to have you join the team. This page is designed to give you an overview of our business, a training guide to aid you and key information that you will need to know to perform your job. 

If you have any questions please raise them with a member of the team.


Your Role

Your role is to manage the social media accounts of clients that sign up to our service. Typically your clients will be business owners or marketing managers and your job will be schedule posts to their social media accounts and run advertising campaigns for them. Every month for each account you will:

  • Each week you will schedule a weeks worth of content in advance using Hootsuite
  • Each month you will spend the clients allocated marketing budget on Facebook, building page likes, promoting posts or sending traffic to their website.
  • Create a monthly report for the client.
  • Communicate with the client when required via phone and email. 
  • Develop the clients social media strategy.

As well as the above you will be expected to collaborate with the team and help team members when needed. 

You will learn about your role through workshops, training and via your apprenticeship. You will be given enough time to work on your apprenticeship work as well as managing clients. We will not expect you to manage more than 10 clients during your first year with us. 

Before you begin working through this guide, please read the following article to give you an insight in to why social media is so important for business:

Who you report to:

Richard Hunter

Rosie England

Booking Holiday:

Please book all holiday with as much notice as possible to Rosie England. 

You accrue  1.5 holiday days per month. 

3 days are used at Christmas when we shut down for 1 week. 

Sick Leave:

Please call us at 9am to report your sick day. Please call us every day at 9am for each day of sickness to provide us with an update. 




Hootsuite allows us to manage multiple clients social media profiles from one central point. We can add social media accounts to it and then schedule content to be posted at a time and date of our choosing. This ensures that we do not have to manage each client every day, we can schedule all of their content one week in advance. 

All of your posts will be scheduled within Hootsuite as opposed to the social platforms. It is vitally important you get up to speed with Hootsuite as quickly as possible.

Here are some intro videos to Hootsuite, please watch all of them:


Facebook for Business

74% of people now use Facebook for professional purposes and that over 3 million businesses advertise on Facebook worldwide. It is a very powerful platform for businesses to use in a number of ways, including:

  • Customer feedback and communication
  • Messenger - customers can ask questions about products and services
  • Advertising
  • Publishing content, e.g. links to blogs, services and products

Facebook for business works via a Facebook page. From here, businesses can publish content and advertise their products and services. A business can list a link to their website, a description of their business, a location and images such as a cover image and a logo.

When posting for a business on Facebook page, you are not as restricted as Twitter, which has a 140 character limit. Posts can include an image and a link as well as hashtags if it is necessary.

Useful videos and links:  


Twitter for Business

Twitter is a huge platform with lots of content being posted every minute. Unlike Facebook there is a restriction of 140 characters per post. This means that we have to be very clever when it comes to promoting what we want to get across, editing is key and so are hashtags. Without using the right hashtags it is very hard to get any engagement from your posts. 

Here are some useful videos and links:

Managing A Client

Managing your clients effectively is extremely important. If managed well, there is a greater chance that the client will use our service for many months. 

You must:

  • Always be kind and helpful to your clients.
  • Write emails in a friendly and helpful tone.
  • Let the team know if you are having an issue with a client so that we can figure out the best way to fix the issue.
  • Provide your client with a social report each month.

Monthly Reports

Monthly client reports allow you and the client to determine the success of the past month and to highlight any issues or things that you would like to change in the next month. The report includes information on the top posts for that month as well as follower growth and adverts. The reports are created in Google Slides

You will receive training on how to write a social report for your clients. There is a set template for the report and an example can be viewed here:

Client Strategy

When a client first joins us and is assigned to you, you must also create a social media strategy for them. This should include the following:

  • The current situation with the clients social media
  • The clients objectives, e.g. what do they want to achieve by using social media?
  • Tactics to achieve the objectives
  • Social platforms that will be used
  • Anything else you will do for them to achieve their goals

To begin with you will only manage clients where a strategy is already in place. You will receive training on how to write a social media strategy in due course. Here is an example of a strategy for a client:

Helpful Links: